Blackberry in legal battle with Nokia

By Sam Edem

Ahead of the launch of some new smartphones this year, Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against the Finnish manufacturer, Nokia over an alleged illegal use of about a dozen of its inventions.

The patent rights violation accusation involves the 4G data transmission technologies and other forms of mobile networks.

Blackberry claims Nokia’s transmitters and software programs uses its intellectual property without authorization.

Responding to the allegation, spokeswoman at Nokia said the firm was "aware of the complaint, will study the claims made and take whatever steps are necessary to defend our rights".

According to details of the suit filed in a US court and released by the news site Ars Technical, Blackberry is seeking payment, rather than an effort to block Nokia's use of the 11 patents.

The suit argues that Nokia was aware of the patents’ existence and had, on an earlier occasion, tried to buy them but had Blackberry beat her to the deal.