Microsoft’s upgraded Windows 10 offers control for updates

By Sam Edem

Most users of personal computers enjoy the opportunity to upgrade their apps on a regular basis but the idea of those updates running automatically once the system is connected to the internet could be quite offensive. 

This has prompted to Microsoft’s upgrade its Windows 10 operating system to giver users control over when they wish to install security updates rather than the previous automatic system.

They development follows a series of complaints that the reboots requirements for some updates in the current Window 10 model are disruptive.

Microsoft in a blog, disclosed that the new feature will provide Windows 10 users the ability to schedule updates within three days of receiving notifications on their devices, although some experts believe deferred security updates are potentially risky.

Commenting on the development in a blog post, director of program management at Microsoft, John Cable said: "What we heard back most explicitly was that you want more control over when Windows 10 installs updates".

He added that the software tech giant had also "heard that unexpected reboots are disruptive if they happen at the wrong time",  further disclosing that, as part of Microsoft ‘s Creative Update programme, the company was considering possible changes to its  privacy settings.

Reasserting the possible threats of a postponed update system, Prof Alan Woodward, a Cybersecurity expert from Surrey University, said that deferred updates could play to the advantage of hackers.

Speaking to a source, he noted that he is "not 100% sold on the idea precisely because quite often these updates have critical security fixes in them, and you really want them on people's machines as quickly as possible. Once a critical flaw gets understood by hackers they will be out there trying to exploit it”. He concluded by saying that "Convenience and complexity are often the enemy of security".

However, whatever the risk accompanying the update control system, it will at least give users the chance to make their own decision.