YouTube Scraps unskippable 30-second Advert

By Sam Edem

Nothing could be more annoying than when one drops by YouTube to watch, or download a video than a compulsory lady sprawling across the beach side and trying to tell you about an orange juice, perhaps so much that the video site can no more ignore the nuisance of such ads to its visitors. Hence, YouTube has finally scrapped the "unskippable" 30-second adverts.

The decision which will be effective from next year, 2018 was confirmed by Google to the press, asserting that it wished to concentrate on "formats that work well for both users and advertisers".

Reacting to the development, Will Smyth, Agenda21 agency’s head of media said "The 30-second ad is a legacy from TV times".

"It's a standard TV unit which has been put online, but it's not the most effective way to advertise.

"This will encourage advertisers to be more creative about the way they use the platform."

It has been a convention in recent times for many websites to feature unskippable 30-second ads on video content.

Mr. Smyth concluded by saying the "Demand from advertisers for video content is high, but there's a shortage of quality content" and that it was "good business for everyone to focus on 'skippable' - people aren't forced to sit through ads, and advertisers don't need to pay if their ad is skipped."

On the user side, the development is welcomed with the prospect of having control over what they want to watch when visiting the video-streaming site.