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Key Republican fund-raiser defects to Clinton camp

Prominent Republican activist and fundraiser, Meg Whitman says she will back Democrat Hillary Clinton for president and give money to her campaign to stop her party’s nominee Donald Trump, repudiating him as a dangerous demagogue.

Is Trump a billionaire at all?

A comprehensive report in Newsweek published Tuesday catalogues Trump’s ruinous record of business failures and casts dubious light on the very things that have formed the cornerstone of his campaign, namely, his purported wealth and record of success.

3-year-old girl saved from death through marijuana medication

Smoking marijuana is at times frowned upon and viewed as an unjustifiable crime though in this case it is not. This time, marijuana actually saved a 3 year old girl’s life. Matt and Charlotte Pearson say that their daughter Riley began have intense, long-lasting seizures when she was just 3 months old.

Canada’s PM calls Trump ‘Racist Bastard’

Donald Trump is widely known for his racism and his discrimination against certain races. Canada’s Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, fears the influence of Donald Trump in his country, and has stated to us that he will not tolerate racism in Canada. Trump, previously this year, has told us of his plans to exterminate Mexicans and Muslims from America. His racist viewpoints on different cultures has shocked not only us, but Canada’s leader, Justin Trudeau.