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Trump: 'Now it's up to the American people to deliver justice'

Donald Trump urged voters Sunday to "deliver justice at the ballot box" on Election Day, hours after the FBI announced that its review of newly discovered emails did not change its earlier conclusion to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.

No criminality in Clinton emails - FBI

The FBI says it has found no evidence of criminality in a new batch of Hillary Clinton emails, boosting her campaign two days before the election.

'Men should marry 3 wives to reduce the number of single women'

Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) secretary general Francis Atwoli sometimes back sparked controversy after he dismissed family planning, saying parents need to get as many children as they want as they are bound to be left by their kids whether they are male or female. Having many children will thus ensure they do not get disadvantaged early in life.

Democrats build huge early vote lead in battleground Nevada

Democrats have built what could be an insurmountable edge in Nevada at the end of early voting in the Western battleground state. In key regions, the party is matching or outpacing the lead President Barack Obama had at this point in 2012 on his way to a nearly 7-percentage-point win of the state's six electoral votes.