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General Lori Robinson is new US Northern Command boss

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has nominated the first female in US military history to lead a combatant command.

General Lori Robinson has been nominated to lead the US Northern Command, Mr Carter announced on Friday.

Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam shot & arrested in Brussels

Belgian officials say they have apprehended one of the Paris suspects Salah Abdeslam after a shoot-out.

Officials say Abdeslam, who has been on the run since the November attacks, was wounded in the leg as police moved in on a flat in the Molenbeek area.

Barack Obama settles on Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia

US President Barack Obama has nominated Merrick Garland, an appellate court judge and former prosecutor, to the Supreme Court.

In an address from the White House Rose Garden on Wednesday, Obama emphasised Garland's readiness for the job and history of support from both Republicans and Democrats.

'Lula' da Silva appointed chief of staff by President Dilma Rousseff

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff has appointed her predecessor Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva as chief of staff, according to a senior Congress official.

It is a move that could help Lula avoid possible detention in expanding corruption investigation that have now touched the top of Brazil's political leadership.

Donald Trump to be charged over violence at his Fayetteville Rally

NBC reporter Katy Tur has confirmed various local media sources’ initial reports that investigators in North Carolina may charge Trump with “inciting a riot” after the events of his Fayetteville Rally, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office.

Observer at Trump rally shocked by calls of death for protestors

James Troup boldly went to Donald Trump’s Dayton, Ohio, rally last weekend to silently observe the crowd’s response to Trump’s rhetoric and people of color within the audience. Troup’s account of his experience is going viral.

Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump

Dr. Ben Carson has just made a hypocrite of himself and done great damage to the country by endorsing the moral monster, Donald Trump. Carson has spent an entire campaign pleading for honor and decency and decorum, only to endorse a man who is the crassest, most vulgar, most deceitful person in the race — a man who has repeatedly attacked in the most vicious ways, and lied about, every other candidate in the race.