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Is Marco Rubio an alternative to Trump or just a more palatable version?

As the reality of Donald Trump’s nomination descends upon the minds of the GOP’s less obviously crazypants voters, a powerful strain of what-if-ism has elevated Marco Rubio’s campaign beyond its pitiful quantitative results. Former Bush donors, conservative columnists, and, in the pages of the Washington Post, a liberal “political theorist” from Harvard University are all arguing that Trump must be stopped — and that Marco Rubio is the candidate to do it.

Donald Trump popular because of poorly educated whites- Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, the renowned scholar and MIT professor emeritus, says that the rise of Donald Trump in American politics is, in part, fueled by deeply rooted fear and hopelessness that may be caused by an alarming spike in mortality rates for a generation of poorly educated whites.

Bristol Palin loses custody of second child

This is definitely not a good year to be Bristol Palin. The daughter of America’s one-time politician turned TV star is already being sued for custody and child support by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer over their daughter Sailor Grace. Both parties have worked out a custody agreement, and only the issue of child support remains.

Pope informed about death of pregnant receptionist

The Pope's pregnant receptionist has been found dead in her apartment on the outskirts of the city.

Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was seven-months pregnant when her body was discovered.

David Cameron jabs Jeremy Corbyn over his dress sense

David Cameron has told Jeremy Corbyn to smarten up his appearance during Prime Minister's Questions.

The prime minister said his mother would advise the Labour leader to "put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem".