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Demonstrators hold up signs during an interfaith solidarity protest against President Trump's executive immigration ban outside the Downtown Islamic Center in Chicago. (Photo: Joshua Lott, AFP/Getty Images)

Businesses across America close for "Day Without Immigrants" Protest

Across the nation, shops and restaurants closed in solidarity Thursday while others braced for a possible shutdown for lack of enough employees as a "Day Without Immigrants" unfolded to underscore…

Kim Jong-nam: Second woman arrested over airport poisoning

A second woman has been arrested in connection with the death of Kim Jong-nam, the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Michael Flynn: Trump's national security adviser quits

Donald Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has resigned over his contacts with Russia, the White House has announced.

Trump loses appeal court bid to reinstate travel ban

Source: BBC A US federal appeals court has rejected President Donald Trump's attempt to reinstate his ban on citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: End migrant lawlessness

America's new top prosecutor, Jeff Sessions, has said the US must bring an end to illegal immigration, as he was sworn in at the White House.
France Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy: French ex-president ordered to stand trial

A French judge has ordered ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy to stand trial in an illegal campaign finance case.

US sanctions Iran after missile test

The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on Iran following its recent ballistic missile test.

Trump sacks defiant acting attorney general

Donald Trump has fired the acting US attorney general, after she questioned the legality of his immigration ban.

Donald Trump signs executive order to build wall between Mexico and US

Donald Trump has signed executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security that calls for a "large physical barrier" between the US and Mexico. 

Court rules against government on Brexit

Parliament must vote on whether the government can start the Brexit process, the Supreme Court has ruled.The judgement means Theresa May cannot begin talks with the EU until MPs and peers give their…

Secret Service to investigate Madonna’s 'I want to blow up the White House' comment

The Secret Service has allegedly said they will open an investigation into Madonna after her DC speech.The pop icon said she'd thought a lot about 'blowing up the White House'

Pope Francis writes to Donald Trump upon his inauguration

Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has congratulated United States (US) President, Donald Trump on his inauguration.

Obama's Pension Package: He'll earn half of his presidential salary

Outgone US President, Barack Obama will earn $207,800, about half of his presidential salary, as his pension pay in the upcoming year.

Trump inauguration: Full text of new president's speech

President Donald Trump's speech after taking the oath of office lasted approximately 16 minutes.

Here's how much Obama's pension is worth

At noon on Friday, 55-year old Barack Obama became a federal retiree.His pension payment will be $207,800 for the upcoming year, about half of his presidential salary.

Police injured in protests, nearly 100 arrested at Trump inauguration

A pair of police officers were injured and 95 protesters arrested after they smashed windows, damaged cars and threw rocks at police near Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony on Friday in Washington,…
President Trump taking oath of office

The 45th President of the United States of America

Over the past two years, we have witnessed a rendezvous of media attention on the probable most powerful nation on earth, the United States.

Trump sworn in as US President

In what has been a long-awaited moment, Donald J. Trump is sworn as the 45th President of the United States by Chief Justice Roberts.
Donald Trump

Hope, or Doom? How Trump might change America and the World.

At about 17 GMT London time, perhaps one of the most unlikely man to be elected President will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Washington prepares for Donald Trump's big moment

Donald Trump has arrived in Washington -- and he's going to be here for at least four years. The reality of the moment, that the real estate mogul and reality show star will recite the oath of office…


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