3-year-old girl saved from death through marijuana medication

By www.primenewsghana.com

Smoking marijuana is at times frowned upon and viewed as an unjustifiable crime though in this case it is not. This time, marijuana actually saved a 3 year old girl’s life. Matt and Charlotte Pearson say that their daughter Riley began have intense, long-lasting seizures when she was just 3 months old.

Her blood tests and scans were normal, leaving the doctors utterly baffled by her condition, which was unusual in its severity.

They told Matt and Charlotte that Riley would probably grow out of it, but the seizures continued. The past 2 months of her life she’s been going into comas lasting on average of 3 days. With multiple seizures putting her into comas she may not have lasted much longer. Her doctor told the parents that she was showing signs of death and that she wouldn’t make it for much longer. The doctor attempted to avoid this for as long as possible but it was their last resort.

He ended up prescribing her two grams of medicinal marijuana a day. “Doctor Mary Zellum suggested marijuana as being the last resort, but when your 3 year old daughter has no other option, we had no choice. We couldn’t bare another day seeing her the way she was anymore.” said the Mrs. Pearson. After 2 short weeks of use she, went back to the doctor and told said she’s never felt so good in her life.

“I’ve never seen anything like it! I never thought that something this frowned upon could save someone’s life just like that. It’s incredible. It felt like almost a miracle!” Dr. Zellum explained. Is the negative stigma towards marijuana unnecessary? What do you guys think?