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'Name your Six Now!' by Ellen Mimi Owusu

By Ellen Mimi Owusu
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Here we are, 2022 unfolding right before our eyes! Regardless of your situation, I can bet that two things are sure – you are eager to put in your best efforts and you look forward to getting the support of friends and family when the need arises.

One of my New Year “intentions” which I made before 2021 ended was to write more. I, therefore, set up my personal blog on Medium, so I can post my reflections about life on there. Just like any writing blog, you need followers to make your page visible.

I, therefore, sent the link to family and friends to follow me, so I can have some followers. My family and some friends even went further to share my page for more people to follow me, within a couple of days I had 100 followers and counting. This made me very happy, and it re- enforced my belief about the importance of having a good support system. One can never underestimate the benefits of having a good support system, because it makes a big difference to what one can achieve in life.

I have a question for you, have you ever wondered why six strong men are called upon to be coffin bearers of the deceased when a funeral service is over? It is obvious that they ought to be strong men, so they do not drop the coffin. So, even when someone dies, we want to “show” the deceased they are in safe hands. How about whilst we are alive, do we get the same support? Can you count on at least 6 people to “carry “you and support you whilst alive? Do you have your “6 strong men” who support your business, dreams, encourage you, etc. Here are my 6.

I have Encouragers in my life. Personally, I cherish every dose of encouragement I receive. Writing may be my passion, but it does not come easily, especially when I want to make sure what I write impacts, helps, and encourage my readers. I dream of moving to the next level as a published author, blogger, and motivational personality. I want to use my experience as an Army Wife and Finance professional to encourage others to believe that it is possible to achieve one’s dreams with the right kind of support.

And that means hours of research work, writing and editing. Through all these, my close family and friends have been massive sources of encouragement to me. They look forward to my articles, they give constructive feedback, they feed me with new ideas, and take the time to read through my articles just to be sure I keep pushing for the best. I can count on them for a pat on the back or a point of correction. That is what Encouragers do! Do you have an encourager?

I have cheerleaders in life! You can have all the confidence in the world, but I can assure you, sometimes, you need someone to cheer you on when you are doing something great and scary. There are always cheerleaders at a game of baseball or basketball, their role is to cheer the team on and lead them to victory. I appreciate friends and family who cheer me to achieve my goals and adventures. Sometimes you will be doing something great or amazing, but when you hear someone cheering you on it makes a whole lot of difference.

In life sometimes, things might not be going on well for a period, but when you have cheerleaders in your life, they will cheer you on and let you see that you can get back on track. A simple message ‘like you are doing great’, ‘keep on going’ makes me want to do more.

I have people who share in my dreams and aspirations. It is very important to surround yourself with people who will urge you and support your dreams, be it a business or whatever project you are embarking on. Don’t mistaken your dream partners to be cheer leaders or encouragers. Your dream partners are the people who are willing to put in the money when the push comes to shove.

They do not mind putting in the hours of hard work with you just to see you succeed and beat that deadline on your most important project.

They will be the first to pay more for your books when you publish them. They will pay when they patronise your service even if it is not the best yet. They will open a door for you when you need it and be there holding the door till you make it.

They will recommend your business and yourself in places you have no chance of accessing. I have read somewhere that when starting a small business do not rely on friends and family to patronise your business, because statistics show they don’t. Don’t fall hard for it, you have the power to change that narrative. I am blessed I have people in my life who support my dreams. They do this simply because i have given them a reason to believe in me and my dreams.

I have people who give me a listening ear when I need it most! Sometimes all I want to do is have a good vent! Fortunately, I have people who allow me to vent without any judgement or criticism. Whenever I am faced with any form of challenge, I know whom to call. These people are my unpaid “therapists”. Have you ever spoken to someone over the phone or even face to face about a challenge and you felt good afterward, I do it all the time! On this journey called life, you surely need a Listener.

Most importantly I have people who will tell me the truth. Do you have people in your life who tell you the truth, no matter what? Not everyone is comfortable telling the truth to your face even if it hurts. But that truth is what sets you up to change for the better. I would rather you hurt my feelings with the truth, than massage me with lies. So, it is very vital that you have such people in your life because they can prevent you from making some serious mistakes in life. Is not easy to tell people hard truths. If you have people in your life that can tell you when you are wrong, keep them close, they are worth having them in your life.

Finally, I have prayer warriors in your life. As a Christian, I believe in the power of prayer. Anytime I hear the words I am praying for you; it lifts my spirits up. It is heart-warming when you have a discussion with someone about a challenge you are facing and after offering some solutions, tell you they will also pray for you as well. Knowing that someone out there is praying for you is a good feeling. Personally, I know people who pray for me, and they include my family and some close friends.

Good support systems are the pillars that make businesses flourish and dreams come to life. Without them, the citadel of confidence crumbles, without them, the tendrils of hope wither, without them, sweet and great dreams turn to nightmares. My challenge to you whilst you have life is to ask yourself if you have such a strong support system. It is a question worth answering. I have named my six, and I intend to keep them close. Now name your 6 and keep them close!