Prime News Ghana

AMA tells political parties: Remove all publicity materials

By Clement Edward Kumsah
Alfred Oko Vanderpuije
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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has instructed all political parties to get rid of their posters and other publicity materials from public facilities in accordance with the Assembly’s by-laws since the purpose of the posters are over.

In a statement signed by the Metropolitan Coordinating Director of AMA Sam Ayeh-Datey, on Thursday read “the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is concerned about the rampant erecting and pasting of publicity materials such as political parties’ paraphernalia and church posters at public places, premises and facilities, especially bridges and flyovers.”

The statement further stated that “The AMA wishes to inform the general public especially the political parties that elections are over and they are, therefore, being reminded of the AMA cleaning by-law of 1995 section 4(1) of the Local Government bulletin, which states that, ‘No person shall affix posters for advertisement on any wall, tree or fixtures, other than: a) The spaces specifically provided or approved by the AMA for such purposes; or b) The property owned or occupied by the advertiser.’”

According to the AMA, punitive measures will be put in place for those who will be found culpable.

“It would, therefore, be appreciated if all publicity materials which have not been permitted by the Assembly are removed within three (3) days of publication or the Assembly shall be forced to do same and surcharge those found culpable for the cost of removal.”