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Atrocities in churches are caused by poverty - Lawyer

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Lawyer Martin Kpebu
Lawyer Martin Kpebu

Lawyer Martin Kpebu has attributed the cruelties meted out to some church members by their pastors to poverty.

According to him, poverty creates a lot of vulnerability forcing the congregants not to even see the wrong in the actions of their pastors.

There have been reports of how some pastors in the country have subjected their congregants to cruel activities in the name of faith.

Some viral videos show how some pastors forced their members to drink dangerous concoctions to get healing from God, some also asked their members to sleep on the floor while the walk on them.

Pastors have also been reported for assaulting their members for certain acts they believe are demonic.

With regards to these actions being aired on some television channels in the country, Members of Parliament are of the view that a step must be taken to avert the act of infringing on the rights of vulnerable Ghanaians.

The MPs proposed a regulation that will check the conduct of men of God for people not to be assaulted for the faith they have in a supernatural being.

Contributing to the debate of whether or not to regulate the actions of churches in the country, lawyer Martin Kpebu said it is necessary to regulate the churches to avoid these acts on church members.

"Our country is awash with churches that are not supposed to be doing what they are doing now."

"We are far behind regulation and we really need to regulate these churches," he added