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NHIA still owes us, our services are now cash and carry - Health Facilities

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Some health facilities in the country may be forced to run cash and carry system due to the non-payment of claims by NHIA.

Most affected health facilities are the ones in the rural areas serving their surrounding communities.

Management of these facilities say although they cannot turn away clients they may be forced to run cash and carry system due to the shortage of supply.

The Kings Medical Center in the Kumbungu District in the Northern Region said hospital attendance has also dropped.

General Manager of the Center, Daniel Danka stated that the health workers are refusing to use the nose masks made with local materials because they believe it will put them at risk of contracting the virus.

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"The outstanding debt is there from October to June this year. It has been tough because the PPEs are on cash nobody will sell it for credit so it has been very difficult, even though we have gotten some supply from our mother body. The nose mask this particular one the health personnel don't want to use it to work not that they do not want it they said it dangerous and not medically compliant.

Even though they can use it to protect themselves but for the duties the want the surgical one that's the blue one. Hospital attendance has dropped because of the Covid-19 people don't come to the hospital for lab tests for us to get some money."

They are pleading with government to pay some of the claims for them to be able handle covid-19 related issues.