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Profile of former NDC Chairman Dr Kwabena Adjei

By Wendy Amarteifio
Dr Kwabena Adjei
Profile of former NDC Chairman Dr Kwabena Adjei

Dr Kwabena Adjei was born on March 9, 1943. He was an indigene of Nkonya Ntsumuru in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Dr Kwabena Adjei who was also known as Wayoo wayo which literally means “Kill the Cat” was an intellectual. He excelled in Academia, Politics and Business. In his political career, he rose to the position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), National chairman in 2005.


Dr Adjei acquired his Middle School leaving certificate (MSLC) at West African Examinations Council, Accra in 1960. In 1964 he acquired General Certificate of Education(GCE) “O” Level at the Rapid Results College in London(Private tuition).  

The following year which was 1965, he obtained General Certificate of Education(GCE) “A” Level at the British School of Careers, UK.

At the University of Ghana in 1970, he acquired a Bachelor of Arts, BA (Hons) Psychology. He proceeded to the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K in 1973 where he acquired a postgraduate doctoral degree, PhD in (Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology).In 1978 at the University of Ghana he obtained Master of Business Administration, MBA (Marketing Option).



In 1974/1976 he was a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast where he lectured in Educational/Child Psychology,
He was a Lecturer in that same year at the External Degree Centre, Institute of Adult Education, Accra. He lectured the School of Social Welfare, Osu, Accra.

Dr Adjei was a Lecturer in Introductory Psychology for Nursing Students, at University of Ghana, Legon in 1974/80.
He also lectured in Introductory Psychology for Certificate Courses in Prisons Administration, University of Ghana, Legon

In 1981/1986 Dr Adjei was a Senior Lecturer in Psychology & Sociology, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. He also lectured Social Psychology of Communication University of Maiduguri Borno, State Nigeria.
Dr Adjei also Lectured in Research Methods in Political Science for MA Degree Students, University of Maiduguri, Borno State in Nigeria.


-He was elected council Member at Jasikan District Council, in the Volta Region in 1978/1979.

-Also in 1979-1981, he was a Parliamentary Candidate Biakoye for the Popular Front Party.

-He was the PNDC Deputy Secretary (Deputy Minister of State) for the Volta Region, Republic Of Ghana in 1986-1987

-In 1987-1992 the PNDC Deputy Secretary (Deputy Minister of State) for Industries, Science & Technology, Republic Of Ghana.

-He was a Member Of Committee Of Secretaries (The PNDC Cabinet) in 1998/1992.

-Dr Adjei was a key member since the founding of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 1992.

-In 1993/1996 he was the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Biakoye Constituency.

-In 1993/1994 he was the first Deputy Majority Chief Whip in Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana.

-In 1994 he was the Majority Chief Whip in Parliament. That same year he was the Deputy Minister for Lands & Forestry.

-In 1994/1996 he was a Minister for Lands & Forestry: Republic Of Ghana.

-In 1996/2000: Member of Parliament (MP) for the Biakoye

-Dr Adjei in 1997/1998 served as a Cabinet Minister for Lands & Forestry, Republic of Ghana.

-In 1998 he was a Cabinet Minister for Food & Agriculture.

-Dr Adjei served as the Majority Leader of Parliament in 1998/2000

-In 1998/2000 he was the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Chairman of Business Committee in Parliament. Also served as Member of Select Committee.

-In 1998 he won the seat for Member of Parliament (MP) for the Biakoye Constituency in 2001/2004. Served as a Member of Finance Committee and Member of Health Committee as well.

-In 2005 he was the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

-Dr Adjei served as chairman of Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) in 2009


Hon. Dr Kwabena Adjei had been actively involved in international co-operation activities related to his work as a Parliamentarian and as a Minister of State under the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Governments in the Republic of Ghana from 1987 to 2014.

Hon. Dr Kwabena Adjei’s membership of and participation in international conferences and other political and development forums had included the following main official visits between 1987 and 2010.

The following are a number of international conferences and other political and development forums he participated

-1987/1992: Ghana’s Accredited Delegate to the United Nations
Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna,

-1998: Chairman WARDA (West Africa Rice Development Association), Sierra Leone.

-1994/1996: Head of Ghana Delegation: International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)

-1998: Head of Ghana Delegation: Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome, Italy.

-1998-2000: Head of Ghana Delegations to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Conferences in the UK
and Trinidad & Tobago Head of Ghana Delegation: Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Berlin, Germany

-2009: Member of the President’s Delegation to the UK.

-2009: NDC Representative, Socialist International Meeting in Dakar Senegal.

-2009: NDC Representative Socialist International Meeting in Vienna, Austria

-2009: NDC Representative Socialist International Meeting in Budva, Montenegro


Dr Kwabena Adjei can be credited with several unique achievements as an executive appointee and an NDC party man.

1. He was instrumental in stabilizing the governance of the Volta Region where appointee changes had become the order of the day and a destabilizing force in the Volta Region before 1987.

2. He discharged his obligations as a Deputy Minister or as a substantive Minister wherever he was appointed. Among other things, he:
a. Restructured any ministry he was posted to;
b. Formulated policy for the ministry; and
c. Enhanced espirit de corps in the ministry.

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3. He was instrumental in diffusing the time bomb planted by the breakaway Reform Party to weaken or disintegrate the NDC around 1998-99.

4. He led the NDC to resurrect from its slumber and shutters in opposition to a sweet marginal electoral victory in 2009.

5. He again led the NDC to retain power in 2012.

6. He has played a neutralist leadership role to ensure that the NDC survives, unites and elaborates itself.

7. He has delegated functions to and allowed his subordinate officers to enact their roles without hindrance, thereby permitting them to demonstrate their political and other potentials.

8. He has been conferred the International award of Millennium Development Ambassador by the United Nations, August 2013.


Dr. Kwabena Adjei, died on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at the  Greater Accra Regional Hospital, formerly Ridge hospital.

The politician who was the chairman when the NDC won power in 2008 had been battling with a protracted sickness.

His death came just three days after he celebrated his 76th birthday.


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