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Sports Ministry must invest in table tennis -Player

By Mutala Yakubu
Sports Ministry must invest in Table Tennis -Player
Benjamin Ofori

The Ghana Junior team player at the just ended World Juniors Championship, Benjamin Ofori has called on the Ministry of Youth and Sports to concentrate and invest in table tennis. According to him, there are talents in Ghana who will excel more when much attention is given to them just like football.

”I would like the Ministry of Youth and Sports to also concentrate on table tennis because everything is about football which is not helping us, because we have a lot of talents in the country so if they invest more in table tennis, we will excel more" Benjamin Ofori

The World Juniors Championships brought together 68 players from across the globe who showcased their skills and their ability to return loops, top spins and blocks.

Their effective tactics and the strategic play won the admiration of the enthusiastic home crowd.

Benjamin, however, attributed their inability to progress further to their inexperience.

”I've learnt so many things in this tournament. We started very well but the ending was not all that good for us because we don't have the exposure on how to counter our opponents but we have tried our best” Benjamin Ofori

Being his second international tournament, Benjamin reiterated for such tournaments to be held to boost their skills and morale.

Story by: Eyram Attipoe News