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Video Assistant Referee causing mayhem in football?

By Mutala Yakubu
Video Assistant Referee

Players unhappy, Coaches complaining and fans left in a state of dilema, yes that is what the new Video Assistant Referee has presented to the beautiful game of football.

The ongoing Confederations Cup in Russia is really having a torrid time dealing with the new technology introduced into the game.

The video assistant referee (VAR) is an association football assistant referee that reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication.

There are 4 types of calls that can be reviewed.

Goals and whether there was a violation during the build up
Penalty decisions
Red card decisions (note that second yellow cards are not reviewable)
Mistaken identity in awarding a red or yellow card.

During the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup Final in Japan, the first trial of the VAR in an international club competition, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane called the system a source of confusion, and midfielder Luka Modrić said he disliked the system

The technology is currently under going a pilot test in Russia and has drawn two controversies in the matches played so far.

Portugal today had a goal disallowed in their game against Mexico when Pepe looked to have given them the lead,whiles the Portugal players were jubilating,  it took the centre referee about 20 seconds to consult the VAR before making the final decision on whether the goal should stand or not.

This left the players, the technical team and even the supporters in a state of confusion. Eventually the goal was ruled out for offside as the VAR deemed Nani to be in an offside position.

                                                                                            Pepe's goal for Portugal was disallowed by the VAR

This certainly did not go down with Portugal manager Fernando Santo who showed displeasure at the decision. Portugal went on to draw 2-2 with Mexico.

We thought that was enough until we saw the game between Chile and Cameroon. I am pretty sure Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal would certainly be the first player to vote against this new technology if giving the chance after he was furious with the referee to disallow what seem to be their opener.

The Bayern Munich man played an inch perfect pass to striker Eduado Vargas who lifted it over the on rushing Cameroon goalkeeper Ondoa, Vargas was already celebrating, only to be deemed in an offside position after VAR referral.

                                                                                       Chile had a goal disallowed in the first half

The decision infuriated Vidal who was seen angrily approaching the referee only to be stopped by a team mate.

Chile did go ahead in the 81st minute but another controversy arose when Vargas slotted home Chile's second on the night and it took almost two minutes before the goal was allowed after the centre referee consulted the Assistant Video referee.

The bitter truth is Video Assistant Referee seem to be engulfed with lots of controversy, confusion, Chaos and also take a bit of heat from the beautiful game of football.

Small stoppages after every goal scored leaves players in limbo in an attempt to celebrate and also slows the tempo of the game.

Will it last or will it just be another unsuccessful attempt to improve fairness in the game.