Where are the football prophets?

By Michael Abayateye
Will the tears be over for Andre Ayew?

It is just about four days for the start of the 31st African Cup of Nations(AFCON) at Gabon and the usual prophesies that come along with the competition especially about Ghana's chances are missing.

In the past editions of the competition and even ahead of the World Cup, prophesies from so-called Men of God dominate the airways leaving fans confused as to which to accept.

Aside the non-existent euphoria, it seems the prophets have also gone into hiding or perhaps they have not seen anything clearly yet.

It would be disastrous if the Prophets are also 'mad' at the Black Stars as many Ghanaians after the Brazil fallout.

Perhaps they have also lost confidence in the Black Stars and has therefore affected their ability to predict what the Black Stars would do at Gabon.

Usually, competitions involving the Black Stars can be compared to Ghana's general elections where predictions and prophesies fly left, right and center.

But why those Prophets are not coming out with four days ahead of the AFCON remain a mystery.

Perhaps nobody wish to be the Ben Ephson of football so that he/she would be subjected to insults should their prediction go wrong.

Maybe the Prophets who predicted that Nana Akufo-Addo would become President could be trusted as football fans are waiting to hear from the 'trusted sources' what awaits Ghana at Gabon.

Without mentioning names, the football Prophets must come out to tell Ghanaians if Ghana would in the AFCON after 35 years or not.

Certainly it would do the fans some good and perhaps revive their hope in the Black Stars.