Gunman in reported 'battle' with police in Surrey, England

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Armed police are reportedly locked in a standoff with a gunman in Smallfield, Surrey, a rural town on the outskirts of London. Carey’s Wood road has been closed off and residents are being told to stay in their homes. One resident told the Surrey Mirror that a police helicopter has been near the scene since 5:30am GMT.

A witness told the newspaper that she saw two people sitting in the back of a police car and another person in handcuffs outside the house, which police have surrounded.

That police car has now left the scene, but the man who is reported to have the gun is still said to be inside the house.

Police are in riot gear, the witness says.

“It’s pretty bad here. There’s a guy in his house with a firearm refusing to get out,” a Smallfield resident who did not want to be named told the newspaper.

“Armed police are surrounding his house and the helicopter has been seen flying over. We can’t get in or out of Carey’s Wood and people can’t get to work. I’m very nervous,” the resident added.

“There’s a heavy police presence there with cars and vans, I’ve also just seen an ambulance go by...enough is enough in this area, there is so much crime and vandalism – this has to stop.”

A business owner from Smallfield, who also wished to remain anonymous, told the Mirror that he believes the incident began as a drug raid.


“I’ve heard rumours that it started off as a drug raid and I believe the chap in there has got a gun and he is saying ‘I’m a free man of the land" reported.