Ladies of ‘The View’ show enquire from Carson why he backed Trump


Appearing on the The View Thursday morning was none other than former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. He, of course, spoke of his time running for office and even joked that his first choice for president went out the window the day he dropped out.


Carson was then asked by the women of the show about his endorsement of Donald Trump. Which, in all honesty, doesn’t make any sense, and it was discovered last week that Trump may have illegally offered him an advisory role in exchange for an endorsement.

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t hold back at all and laid it all out on the table for Carson:

“This guy…he’s a racist and he’s not good for the country… You’re Ben Carson! You’re so much better than this.”

Carson then explained that because he “is better than this” he’s capable of looking past the racism to the broader picture. Which is the biggest load of BS I’ve ever heard.

 Carson also said that we have to get away from the ruling class, and unfortunately it had to be explained to the sleepy doctor that Trump is very much a part of the ruling class.

All in all, the ladies of The View, in particular, Whoopi Goldberg, tore Trump a new one, and laid into Carson for backing him.

And as per usual, Trump proves that he cannot handle criticism, especially if it comes from women. He quickly took to his Twitter account while the show was still airing to show everyone, once again, that he has the maturity level of a seven-year-old.

@TheView T.V. show, which is failing so badly that it will soon be taken off thr air, is constantly asking me to go on. I TELL THEM "NO"

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2016

Explain how the women on The View, which is a total disaster since the great Barbara Walters left, ever got their jobs. @abc is wasting time

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2016

Well, the women of The View , while still on air, called him out on these tweets, and told him that they’d love to have him on, but he’s terrified they’ll be mean to him and ask him tough questions. You see, Trump only wants to be part of interviews where he can control the conversation and be adored by the media. Being surrounded by strong, successful women interrogating him is pretty much his worst nightmare.

Oh, and The View has been on for 20 years now and is doing just fine with or without Trump as a guest. He’s the last person to talk about a failing television show.

Good on Whoopi for calling both Carson and Trump out. Carson on his hypocrisy and aversion to reality, and Trump on his utter horseshit. Well done.