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VIDEO: Mugabe to Donald Trump: be mindful of your dealings with other countries

By Clement Edward Kumsah
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President Robert Mugabe has called on the American President Donald Trump to ‘blow his trumpet in a musical way towards the values of unity, corporation, peace, togetherness’ which has been the hallmark of the United Nation.

The comment of Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old veteran leader at the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations came two days after Donald Trump’s own address to the UN, in which he strongly condemned a number of countries, including North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

According to Mugabe, Trump was interfering in the issues of other countries and therefore signalled that countries in Africa, would fight every monster that comes in any way just like the continent successfully fought imperialism.

He, therefore, cautioned the US President that the US approach to other countries should be based on the UN values rather than “the promise on our damnation”.

“Damnation we shall always resist no matter whence it comes. We have resisted when it was in the form of imperialism as we fought for our own independence and culture to be masters of our own destiny.

“That is why we call ourselves free today…it is because the monster of imperialism was defeated by us. Bring us another monster by whatever name, he will suffer the same consequences,” he said.

Concerning climate change, Mugabe condemned Donald Trump for forsaking the agreement reached by heads of government in Paris.

He however, urged other Heads of States “Let us work together, climate change is a reality,” he urged.