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Prophet 'Ascends' To Heaven, Sells Photos He Took While There

By Jeffrey Owusu-Mensah
Prophet Mboro
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Wonders they say shall never end. If you think Ghana was the only place where self-proclaiming men of God gave out ridiculous prophecies and claim to have performed  miracles that even Jesus Christ did not perform while on earth, then you must be mistaking.

 A 'man of God' in South Africa, Prophet Mboro, has claimed that he was 'captured' to heaven by angels during the Easter festivities and has produced pictures of himself in 'heaven' to autnenticate his claim.

According to News SA  local reports suggest , Mboro was about to begin a sermon at his church in his hometown when a beam of light from the sky appeared and whisked him into Paradise while some feared he was taken by aliens.

The funny thing however is , the pictures supposedly taken in heaven are reportedly being sold for R5,000 (approximately GHC 1,300) and could be bought via WhatsApp.