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Funny Face hints extra affairs by wife killed marriage

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Funny Face & former partner
Funny Face & former partner
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When Funny Face acknowledged that his union with wife Adjoa was over, he simply remarked “it just didn’t work” but he might have given a hint as to the causative factor in a recent interview.

The marriage contracted in 2014 to Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim fell apart seven months ago according to Funny Face a.k.a. Benson Ohene Oduro Boateng but the public only became aware yesterday after an admission on twitter.

The speculations were rife and varied but it seems there is some substance to some after all. Things became clearer when Gena West hosted Funny on her Metro TV show on Wednesday.

“When someone gives their love, trust, loyalty and you accept to be committed but later throw all their sacrifices to the dogs and cheat on them, you are no different from a witch or a wizard…It takes a huge amount of sorcery and witchcraft to cheat, cheating on your partner is equal to murder” strong words from Funny Face who was in no joking mood hinting that his wife had been opening up to other men.

Blogger Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri revealed that he had information several men had ‘chop down’ Funny’s wife and despite efforts by the comic for his wife to be guarded, his efforts had proven futile. More painful when some of the men who have had a go at his wife mocked him afterwards.


Chris believes Funny Face is currently in turmoil dealing with emotional pain in addition to the financial loss he’s incurred given cost incurred for the marriage which barley lasted for 2 years.