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Adisadel College kicks out Keta SHTS, Achimota School to reach finals of NSMQ2020

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Adisadel College has kicked out Keta SHTS and Achimota School to reach the finals of the 2020 National Science and Maths Quiz.

Even though the scores from the second competition of the semi-finals were not encouraging, Adisadel College booked their slot for the finals of the competition.

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They had 21 points, Achimota School had 20 and Keta SHTS had 17 as their final scores.

But for scores at the end of round 1, Achimota School-11, Keta SHTS-13 and Adisadel College-10.

For the speed race, Achimota School had 7 points, Keta SHTS had 13 points and Adisadel College had 17 points.

Adisadel College scored no point for the problem of the day, Keta SHTS scored 2ponts and Achimota School scored 3 points.

Described as the difficult fourth round, most of the schools did not pick up the needed points in the round. 

Keta SHTS had 13 points, Achimota School-14 and Adisadel College ended the round with 18 points.