Chereponi Clashes: 2 dead, NADMO unable to help indigenes due to intense conflict

By Mutala Yakubu
Chereponi Clashes: 2 dead, NADMO unable to help indigenes due to intense conflict

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) say they are unable to reach out to those affected by the ethnic conflict between the Konkombas and the Chokosis in the Chereponi District of the North East region.

Reports say more than 400 people have been displaced due to the conflict and several houses have been burnt to ashes.

Two people have been confirmed dead from the renewed clashes.

There is no food to eat and no water to drink for those who, in the last 24 hours, have fled the fighting and their sources of livelihood.

According to the Director for the Northern Regional NADMO Alhaji Abdallah Hindu, they are unable to go to the community due to the nature of the violence.

"For now it is very difficult for us to go there because the fight is still ongoing, we will not be able to tell what caused the issue because we have not had access to the place"

"The information we have gathered is that 16 communities have been burnt down and over 400 people left displaced"

"We have items here in our vehicles but we can't go there because the situation is not yet calm, according to the Military the fighting is not just at one place but more than 7 places, he told Joy News

The outbreak of violence is the second in the past three months as Chereponi residents opened the New Year with old violence.

The armed struggle is over ownership of land believed to be nothing more than two acres but with ancestral significance.

Chereponi is a Konkomba-dominated district. Chokosis, seen by the majority Konkombas as settlers, are a minority.

The Konkombas, who are one of the largest ethnic groups in the North, until recently, did not have a paramount chieftaincy institution.

Land ownership is a pawn for political representation in the region. Where land is owned, chieftaincy is created, where chieftaincy exists political representation becomes viable in institutions like the National House of Chiefs and influence in political parties is enhanced.

The attacks and reprisals between the Konkombas and Chokosis (also Chakosi) has been going on since the colonial times.  A security report said a group of Chokosis attacked Konkombas last Sunday at Puloti village in the Chereponi district.

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