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Defiled 5-year-old girl suffers urinary tract infection

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
5-year-old girl  defiled
5-year-old girl defiled

A 5-year-old girl is suffering from a urinary tract infection after allegedly being defiled by a 30-year-old man at Napkanduri in the North East region.

According to parents of the victim, she is also suffering from waist pains and having breathing difficulty after the incident.

Reports indicated that on their second visit to the hospital, the girl complained of pains in her vagina any time she wants to urinate.


A five-year-old girl at Nakpanduri in the North East Region has been allegedly defiled by a 30-year old man.

Medical report from the Baptist Medical Centre at Narelugu confirms traces of semen and penetration, the girl has been discharged by the hospital and sent back to Nakpanduri.

According to reports, police in the area are yet to make an arrest.

Speaking to media, the victim's Father George Awunemi said after the incident and subsequent report to the police their family has been under threat from the accused 30-year old man family.

"They are threatening us, in the night they want to burn our house because the child said it I am not the one who said it, we have reported to the police but they have not said anything only go and come back some other time.."