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GES reforms: First degree,minimum requirement for basic school teaching

By Wendy Amarteifio
GES reforms:First degree,minimum requirement for basic school teaching

The Director General of the Ghana Educational Service, GES  Prof Kwesi Opoku Amankwa has disclosed that as part of efforts in reforming the educational system in the country, the minimum requirement for teaching at the basic level is first degree.

This follows a criticism usually associated with the Ghana Educational System that products from our schools are unable to compete with their peers in other countries. The problem is traced to the foundational level of education, basic level. With this, the government is embarking on a vigorous effort in reviewing basic education with a focus on qualitative reforms in content and monitoring.

Speaking on Starr News on Monday, April 15, 2019, the Director General of the Ghana Educational Service, GES Prof Kwesi Opoku Amankwa stated that first degree is the minimum requirement of teaching in basic schools

''We are interested in whole school reform, the whole school reform simply means you look at all the various levels of the educational system and you look all the various activities performed in the Education system and you would want to ensure that you reform each of them to a certain level. We are also looking at reforming teacher education. Now, for example, the new direction is that the minimum requirement you need to be teaching with is first degree in basic education.

He also said the GES has extended basic education to the SHS level

''Basic level education starts from KG and now ends at Senior High School. We need reforms in the human resource, we have done a number of them to ensure that we have the right quality of human resource. We need reforms in the content of education.The whole idea is to do a comprehensive reform to ensure that when students have completed education in Ghana they will compare favourably with their colleagues elsewhere,''. 

The Director of GES also indicated that a system will be introduced to track the performance of students to ensure that students are making progress in regards to the new reforms.

Also in an interview with Starr News, Matthew Ajaja Head of Professional Development at National Association of Teachers NAT, commenting on the extension of basic education to the SHS level he said: 

''Well for me, at the end of the day what comes out of the system is what matters. If in the wisdom of government he thinks basic education should comprise of the basic and senior high school my concern is the product of that system once it produces quality then I don't have a problem''.


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