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Gov’t happy with successful Referendum - Dan Botwe

By Mutala Yakubu
Gov’t happy with successful Referendum - Dan Botwe

Dan Botwe who is the Minister for Regional Reorganisation, says the government is elated with the success of the just ended Referendum on the creation of six new regions.

He said the joy of the government is not about the creation of the new regions but how they were able to follow through with constitutional requirements, seeing to it that the people’s wish is granted.

“The issue is not the YES or NO. For us, following the constitutional process, creating the necessary platform and linkages and working together with all stakeholders until this stage…that is what we are satisfied with. It is not whether people voted ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

“It is the fact that we followed the constitutional process diligently and created the necessary platform for everybody and they were able to vote and express themselves. That is what we were looking for, so the success on the part of government is not that everybody voted YES, but the fact that we were able to complete the processes using the constitutional requirement,” he added.

A historic referendum to create six new regions namely Oti, Bono East, Savannah, Ahafo, Western North and North East – ended on Thursday with a massive endorsement.

Most of the district voted YES in the provisional results that came.

Mr Botwe says the outcome is beyond any political party.

He said the chiefs and people who called for the creation of the new regions have had their wish granted and the decision on regional ministers will also be arrived at peacefully.

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