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NLC advises aggrieved staff of Mövenpick to petition commission over 'racist treatment'

By Wendy Amarteifio
NLC advises aggrieved staff of Mövenpick to petition commission over 'racist treatment'

The National Labour Commission(NLC) is advising aggrieved staffs of Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel to officially petition the commission over concerns of alleged racist treatment meted out to them by the management of the hotel.

The Mövenpick workers numbering about one hundred (100) yesterday April 17, 2019, laid down their tools to protest what they described as the racist treatment by the management of the facility.

According to the aggrieved Mövenpick workers, racist treatment has persisted since 2011. The workers contend they were treated harshly and dismissed at the least chance. 

In an interview with Starr News, the executive secretary of the National Labour Commission, NLC Ofosu Asamoah stated that the workers should petition the commission rather than involving in strikes

''I have not got the details but if they have any concerns as I am hearing, I invite them to come to the labour commission to lodge a formal complaint rather than laying down their tools and engage in strikes or any illegal matter. This is because if you go on strike without giving the employer notice for at least 5 days and the same notice served to the commission then what you have been doing is an illegal strike''.

''Those who participate in it risk losing their job, the leaders also risk paying for the cost of any loss, damage or injury. So if what am hearing it's true then they have a right, but if you have a right there are procedures in pursuing it,  you don't take the law into your own hands''.

Meanwhile, the Mövenpick workers laid down their tools yesterday and have resumed to their duties today, April 18 2019.


Staffs of Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel went on strike on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, protesting what they said was racist mistreatment by management.

The staff numbering about 100 had laid down their tools and pitched camp at the reception of the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

The furious employees were gathered amidst drumming and dancing insisting that the General Manager, one Michael Rathgeb, be dismissed. They accused him of being the architect of the racist treatment which dates back to 2011.

Some customers were also left stranded by the incident. They looked on helplessly as staff waved protest placards demanding the firing of their superiors.

Some workers of the hotel alleged that among other preferential treatments, locals were dismissed over misdemeanours whereas expatriate staff were left off the hook even in instances when they stole from guests.



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