Police assault on Journalists: We’re investigating the incident- ACP David Eklu

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

The Police administration says it has commenced investigations into the assault of three Ghanaian Times journalists by some police officers in Accra.

It said the police service is looking into the motor traffic accident allegedly committed by the police officer as well.

Speaking to Citi FM, Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service ACP David Eklu, said that the issue has come to the attention of the police and they have been working on it since Thursday.

He said his outfit was notified about the incident around 9:00 am on Thursday and he immediately moved in to have first-hand information about the matter.

ACP David Eklu added that the suspect at the centre of the incident has been identified and a statement has been taken from him as well as other police officers and non-officers who were at the scene at the time of the incident.

“We have been working on it since Thursday when it came up…There are two aspects of the case. It was a traffic incident that led to this scuffle so the traffic incident has also been reported at the MTTD at the Ministries Police station so that aspect is also being handled.”

“The Police officer has been identified and has given his statement. The other police officers who witnessed this thing have also given their statement. There were other non-police officers who have also given their statements. Because of the pain that the two journalists suffered, we have given them time to go and seek medical attention after that they will give their statements then we can continue with the investigations.”

When asked whether the police officer alleged to have assaulted the journalists has been interdicted awaiting a conclusion of the investigations, ACP Eklu said the officer was still at post and had not been arrested yet, noting that a decision on what must be done to the officer will be taken next week.

“The best step is to take a statement from all those who are involved and since they are all known, and their places are known, it is prudent that the first step is to take their statements and if they [the journalists] need medical attention, that will be done… A decision has not been taken on that aspect [interdiction of the officer] yet…I believe by next week we should be able to get to the next step in respect of this investigation,” he said.

Assault on Journalists

Three journalists from the Ghanaian Times newspaper on their way for the day’s assignment on Thursday morning were assaulted by about ten police officers at Kinbu in Accra Central.

The assault followed a traffic offence and an accident involving a police officer who was using an unregistered motorcycle and the official Ghanaian Times vehicle, which was transporting the journalists to their various assignment venues.

The about 10 police officers who were not happy that the journalists had tried to record (video) the accident and the ensuing exchanges between their driver and the police motor rider, pounced on the journalists and physically assaulted them.

Mr. Malik Sullemana, a court reporter, Mrs. Raissa Sambou, a general reporter and Mr. Salifu Abdul Rahman, an assistant editor, felt the full effect of the brute force used by the police officers, leading to two of them being sent to the hospital to receive medical attention.



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