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Police assures public safety as they identify DAF truck carrying weapons

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
weapon carrying DAF truck
Weapon carrying DAF truck

The Ghana Police Service has assured public safety despite the discovery of a DAF truck carrying weapons.

The Ghana Police Service in a tweet said, "following the trending social media story and pictures of a DAF Articulated Truck with registration number GT 9699 Y containing weapons, Police assures that security agencies have physically examined the said truck and its contents and found them to be imported pump action guns covered by regular documentation authorised by the Ministry for the Interior and relevant agencies. and they conform to the documents covering them."

According to the police, "the pump action guns in the truck are authorised for private use by licensed persons, they are not the type of weapons used by state security agencies. Police investigation further shows that rightful port procedures were followed to clear the weapons and the importer is a licensed arms dealer authorised to import such weapons."

Police further assures that police together with sister security agencies, will continue to be vigilant to ensure that the country is secured.

“weapon carrying DAF truck”

The public is also encouraged to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities to police for necessary action.

Suspected firearms container detained at Tema port

Customs officials at the Tema Port have detained a container suspected to be carrying firearms. They are to undertake a physical re-examination of the said container this morning [Friday].

Officers from Customs, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and Port Security provided protection for the container overnight when it was detained Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the officials have debunked suggestions in an audio making rounds on social media that unauthorised armed persons provided security for the container to aid the importers to take it out of the port under the cover of darkness.

According to Graphic Online the description of the consignment which came with a declaration permit labelled it as "hunting shotguns".

However, information gathered within the Tema Command indicated that the consignment which was in the name of Sadetex Limited as declarants also has a Customs Classification Valuation Report (CCVR) covering a wide variety of firearms.

This, therefore, drew the suspicion of the Command to conduct further investigations on the container which has since been detained.

The container went through an image analysis at the container scan point at the Tema Port at about 10 am on Thursday.


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