Rocky pavement at Circle Interchange - Commuters express their views

By Maame Aba Afful

After the reconstruction of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange, it was hailed as Ghana's 'Dubai', an edifice which could rub shoulders with similar structures in the United Arab Emirates.

However, in an attempt to prevent squatters and traders from taking over the place, rocks have been planted on pavements which served as a good spot for hawkers, traders and shelter for the homeless.

Some regular commuters sharing their thoughts on the revamp with Primenewsghana have described the move as understandable, taking into consideration the rate at which those areas get flooded whenever it rains as well as the unlawful activities of some hawkers and vendors.

Others expressed contrary views, saying that the positioning of the rocks is a disadvantage to them. They explained that those places serve as sleeping grounds for homeless people, and serve as shelter for commuters in case of heavy downpours. They further lament that since there are not enough affordable housing structures for the unfortunate, their only hope is to resort to sleeping in such places which they have now been barred from by these rocks.

Business activities of traders along the pavements have constantly been frowned upon by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly; it is, however, unclear, the motive behind planting the rocks in the pavements.

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