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Unemployment is becoming major security threat in Ghana - Adam Bonaa

By Wendy Amarteifio
Unemployment is becoming major security threat in Ghana - Adam Bonaa

Security analyst Adam Bonaa has stated that youth unemployment and poverty is becoming a major security threat in the country following the chaos which ensued yesterday at Dzolo Gbogame in the Volta Region. 

The chaos occurred as a result of a revenue collection exercise on Wednesday morning. During the exercise, the taskforce collectors clashed with one resident, Wisdom Dake who was said to have been owing the assembly.

Wisdom Dake when he could not produce the required money, his shop was locked up by the task force. In protest, Mr Dake stood in front of the task force’s vehicle which was reported to have run over the man.

In response to the death of the Dzolo Gbogame resident, some angry inhabitants of the area stormed the Dzolo Gbogame district assembly and set ablaze an official car belonging to the assembly.

The angry youth also damaged properties of the assembly and chased the DCE and his officials out of the premises threatening to kill them.

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Speaking to Starr FM, Mr Bonaa blamed Wednesday's chaos at Dzolo Gbogame on the rising level of hunger and youth joblessness in the country

“This was needless, it should not have happened, the taskforce should have known better that when people are hungry, they become emotional, they lose their minds. The people just vented on the authorities''.

“When people don’t have jobs, it’s a major security challenge. We have to work faster in making sure that young people get jobs. When you close banks and people are working and they are not getting paid and all those are all worrying issues in recent times. These things could culminate into something else and government should pay attention to them.

” There is a big gap in the way leadership connects to young people. I wish leadership will see these things as national security matters and quickly addressed them”.

He added that although government through the NABCo initiative is making an effort to address unemployment, a lot more should be done to provide jobs and avert instances of violence.