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7 important things to look for when buying official shoes for men

By Wendy Amarteifio
7 important things to look for when buying official shoes for men
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In case you don’t already know, a great shoe does the perfect job of completing an entire look. Shoes are the first thing that many people notice when they first meet you.

If you’re wearing bad shoes, you will not leave the best impression. Sadly, most women judge men by the shoes they wear. But a good shoe is not just important for you to impress but also to look well put together, say when going for a job interview or an important meeting. That being said, let’s comb through things to look for in good quality dress shoes (official shoes) when shopping for a pair.

1. Price

Now, I’m not telling you to buy shoes worth thirty thousand if you cannot afford. But, what I’m gonna tell you is that cheap is expensive. When it comes to quality dress shoes, don’t compromise on the quality because you will find out that they are made of cheap leather, the sole is glued on and within no time, you will be running to the cobbler to have the shoes fixed. You’re better off getting quality shoes made of real leather so that they can last longer. It’s important to buy from renowned brand names that never disappoint. So, spend more for longer lasting shoes.

2. Leather quality

Now, don’t be fooled. Super shiny shoes don’t necessary mean that they are made from good leather. That kind of leather has been polished and buffed down and that’s not what you want to go for. Instead, go for shoes that are made of full grain leather (they appear rough and not too shiny) which has a natural look, natural feel and will last you for years and years. Full grain leather shoes will also be more comfortable and breathable as they will retain less moisture.

3. Make sure the sole is stitched and not glued

If you’re looking for a long lasting shoe, you need to go for a one whose sole has been stitched and not glued on. The good thing with a stitched sole is that it can be re-soled once old. But with a glued-on sole, once it starts to wear out, you have no choice but to throw it away because stitching will not look good and that will only ‘cheapen’ the shoe. However, it’s good to look for a shoe with small piece of rubber on the sole so as to give you a grip as non-rubber soles can be slippery. So, the best of both worlds is what you wanna get. If you can’t, stick to the leather sole.

4. Look at the stitching

Make sure that the stitching is uniform and very neat all through. That’s one of the top things to look out for in quality dress shoes. Stray stitches, un-uniform stitches are signs of cheap shoes that have not been made with care.

5. Choose a toe that’s neither too square nor too pointed

This is because it will go with more outfit options. In addition, make sure that the heel is less than one inch, unless you’re trying to appear taller. Sure, there are some formal shoes that have no heel but if you’re looking for a shoe that you will wear at a professional setting, ensure it has a small heel as that’s what’s normal for formal wear.

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6. Black is a safe colour

Again, it’s what goes with many outfits. Also, lace-up shoes are more acceptable for formal settings than buckles and slip on which tend to be less formal. You can also go for shades of brown which you can style accordingly so as to have variety, instead of having only black shoes in the closet.

7. Lastly, remember to try on your shoes in the afternoon or evening.

Normally, your feet swell during the day so you definitely want to buy in the afternoon instead of morning, so that you get the perfect fit.