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Footballer gets five-year ban in France after biting opponent's penis

By Vincent Ashitey
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An amateur footballer in France has been suspended for five years after biting the penis of an opponent during an altercation after a match.

According to Le Republicain Lorrain (h/t MailOnline's Sophie Tanno) the attack occurred on November 17 after the 1-1 draw between Terville and Soetrich in north-east France, with the victim requiring 10 stitches.

A player from either side started a fight in the car park, and when a second member of the Terville squad stepped in to break things up, the Soetrich player bit the peacemaker. The victim was also suspended for six months for his role in the fight.

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Emmanuel Saling, the director of the local Moselle district, explained what happened and how lengthy sanctions like this are rare:

"The events took place after the match, in the stadium car park. There was an altercation, an escalation and things got worse.

"It's quite rare to have sanctions of several years, there are less than 10 per year. The case was a bit saucy, but ... there must have been some nasty tension, so the smiles on the disciplinary committee quickly faded."

To make matters worse for Terville, the draw would have handed them their first points of the season. A failure to meet safety obligations and to act appropriately when the fight broke out resulted in a penalty of two points and a €200 euro fine, however.

The two clubs play in the 2eme Division Groupe A and are scheduled to meet again on May 17.

Source: bleacherreport