How Dr. Sebi died & more

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Dr. Sebi
Dr. Sebi

Healer and herbalist Dr. Sebi is no more with the living thanks to an arrest and detention at a Honduras Airport because of $37,000 in his possession upon entry to the country.

Sebi was supposedly then put in prison where events led to his death. The 83 year-old reportedly contracted pneumonia but was denied his own formulated herbal treatment or any other treatment till later where he expired on arrival at a hospital.

Sebi died on August 6, 2016. His $37,000 was earned from his world famous self-health holistic programs which the Honduras government set eyes on.

Before his demise however, Sebi granted a telling interview to the Rock Newman on his show of same name in 2015 detailing his work, challenges and state of mind.

According to Sebi, oxygen and water are the fuel of the body not beans, meat or fish. He added that the human body needs a high PH level say 9.8 comprising ion and hydrogen.

At 82 years, this man who was impotent age at 30 fathered a baby thanks to a complete shift in diet, mentality and approach. Sadly a year on this baby has been robbed of his father.

But as Sebi explained on the show, it was in 1964 that he chanced upon a Mexican healer who explained to him that he needed gene food since the “body cells determine what to eat.”

A well-travelled man, Sebi declared he had been to London, Spain, Russia, Africa, Mexico because of his work as a herbalist.

But starting out wasn’t easy when prejudice against an African was high. “When I declared I could cure asthma, diabetes and other ailments I was put in a new jersey insane asylum in 1961” he shared.

“As an African I had to change my diet. In Africa, the diet is native. We don’t need lambs, hogs, beans, rice and potatoes” he rendered.

The one-time Muslim reveled that he was at his Los Angeles home when friend Randy Jackson informed him that his brother Michael needed his service.

“Michael was in bad shape and he couldn’t sleep. I was with Michael from February-September 2004 travelling with him and helping him. I gave him intracellular cleansing meaning I cleared his system cells and organs. Mike had a lot of pharmaceutical products in his system. ”

On how he ended up in court, Sebi stated he was charged with practicing medicine without a license and claiming to have remedy for Aids, cancer, diabetes, lupus, herpes, blindness and other ailments.

“I advertised in the new York post, Village Voice and Amsterdam News. I was delighted with the arrest because I had scientific and empirical evidence.”

 The New York Attorney General Robert Abrahams led the charge but Sebi defended himself in court by asking:

Is it a fact that herbs are the healing of the nation?

Did Hippocrates cure any disease known to man using herbs?

According to Dr. Sebi, before his trial over 1000 claims had been made by others of curing ailments but failed to defend their work.

“The judge asked that I present 9 cured patients of mine to testify in court but I brought 77 patients. Being that I am an African, I will do things the African way because I am not only representing myself, nation but also race”.

According to Dr. Sebi, there exist only one disease which is mucus. He contended mucus in skin, blood and lymphatic system and membranes causes many afflictions.

Asked if he only cured Black people, Sebi submitted he had more White clients than Black, the elder further hinted that his special formulation contains phosphate, carbonates, iodates and bromates adding the world was now entering the science age of bio-chemicals.

To sustain a healthy life Dr. Sebi warned “remove from your diet lactose, uric acid, carbonic acid, milk, starches and meat.”

He pointed out any patient who gets the above eliminated form his system begins to recover in 24 hours and by 2 weeks will be fully recovered.

Since his operation had gone global, his specially formulated ‘Dr. Sebi's Cell Food’ is in demand globally with packages in their thousands sent to clients in Israel, Hong Kong, China, Russia and other parts.

Although certain medical associations still describe his work as quack/fraud, Dr. Sebi described such calls as business induced since the pharmaceutical organizations were protecting their markets against his innovation.

He stressed chemicals don not assimilate with the human body but herbs can because they are electrical.

Curiously, Sebi described his enthusiasm being shattered when he contacted Nation of Islam head, Louis Farrakhan, political activist Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Oprah and the others “but what I found out, I was mistaken. I was wrong. There is no Black leader who is interested in the healing of Black people.”

Asked by show host Rock Newman if chemotherapy was okay, Sebi rendered that chemotherapy was an approach which destroyed all cells good or bad with acid.

The man who first cured his first AIDS patient in 1984 advised the world to heed to Hippocrates who said one’s food ought to be ones’ medicine.

He expressed delight in meeting Lisa ‘left eye’ Lopez, who offered him a lesson without she knowing because he was in disarray in his personal life. “I had 3 wives then and one was pregnant with Fanny who caters for the centre in Honduras.”

“Lisa’s eyes were blinking real fast among other ailments. She was put on 42 day fast and did fine.”

Sebi pointed out to Rock that the greatest love is that which one can give self adding he once met his wife in bed with another man, he simply walked out since he does not require or demand affections from women noting while some leave, others come in.

He noted he shan’t feel accomplished till he supports Africa despite being turned away by Mandela and Mugabe when he sought to offer his skills to his African people on the continent.

On blindness, he explained “when you blind something is wrong with your intestine. Check your stomach. Your eye will clear up.”

People of the Eurocoid extraction contend disease is caused by germs, viruses and bacteria but “I say the food you eat causes the problems.”

“The gorilla does not eat polar bear food but if it eats bear food, it shall soon get bear disease” he concluded.


Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman in the village of Ilanga, Honduras on November 26th, 1933. He picked up the ancient art of using herbs to heal the human body of known diseases.