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Ghanaian companies are very stingy - Yvonne Nelson

By Richmond Thompson
Ghanaian companies are very stingy - Yvonne Nelson
Ghanaian companies are very stingy - Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has taken a swipe at corporate Ghanaian companies over their non-supportive nature. 

Yvonne Nelson lambasted them and spared no words in showing how displeased she was with the way they treated those in the entertainment industry.

The award-winning actress speaking on a Ghanaian program named the Atuu show made those revelations to the host of the show Abeiku Santana.

According to her, most corporate Ghanaian companies are stingy and only ask for dinner or lunch dates when she approaches them to seek sponsorship for her projects.

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Yvonne Nelson also added that most Ghanaian companies end up wasting your time when you approach them with a business proposal. In the long run, they do not eventually come through for her.

The beautiful actress stressed that she doesn’t entertain such stuff, especially when business is concerned. She said having dinner is the last thing on her mind when she approaches any company with a business proposal.

Watch her interview below.


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