Stop the corruption at ECG - Bibi Bright cries out

By Michael Klugey
Stop the corruption at ECG - Bibi Bright cries out
Stop the corruption at ECG - Bibi Bright cries out

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright, has chided the Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG, for charging her outrageously for her meter to be fixed. 

The actress took to Instagram to express her anger at the Electricity providers with a video of a man who happens to be the representative of ECG who came to fix her meter.

According to Bibi Bright, the meter in her home went off after a “dumsor” session hit them. The representative from ECG checked and told her the meter blew because of the lights out and that a new one had to be fixed.

What is causing this outburst, however, is the amount they charged for the meter to be fixed. They charged 500 cedis for an instant meter or wait a month without lights for it to be replaced.

Her checks, however, showed she shouldn’t spend more than 100 cedis on fixing a meter.

The actress is demanding change from the government and ECG because that’s what they promised.

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“#StopCorruptionAtECG!!! Our meter went off after the lights came back on last night.! ECG came to the house this morning and said that the lights that came on caused our meter to “blow” so we had to change the meter. This guy in the video claims he called his boss and he was told that there was no meter so I had to pay 500gh if I wanted a meter fixed today or I will have to wait for a month to get a meter.! Meaning we will have to stay without light for a month! I challenge him and told him we wouldn't pay a pin Cs there is no charge to change meters! I later learnt that meter fixing should not cost up to 100gh yet we pay 1500-2000gh to get a meter fixed in our homes all cause we are told there is no meter!

I campaigned for this government for a change! And change is one thing that #ECG NEEDS!! Stop corruption at ECG!  The guy told me to do what I wanted and that it will not get anywhere! Obviously, he is too comfortable with his ways of corruption! He knows for years that The corruption at #ECG has no stop! Let’s raise up as a people as a generation and fight corruption! It must stop!!!”, she wrote.

 credit: Ameyaw Debrah 


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