Badu Kobi's church : We will seek justice for our reporter- Graphic

By Wendy Amarteifio
badu kobi
Assaulted reporter of Graphic,Della Russell Ocloo

The Graphic Communications Group says it will go to every length to seek justice for its reporter who was allegedly assaulted at the church of controversial preacher Prophet Badu Kobi.

Della Russell Ocloo, the Tema reporter of the Graphic Communications Group Limited, went to the church (Badu Kobi's) on Sunday, August 4, 2019 as a follow up to a protest march in a bid to find out the church leader’s reaction to the women’s peaceful demonstration against his controversial comment about Asante, Fante and Ewe women and how they behave in marriages.

She decided to sit through the church service and at a point found that some members as a sign of reverence, were not only bowing down to the prophet, but touching his shoes for blessings, and thus decided to record.

While there, the Prophet Kobi walked through the aisle and put his hands on people. In the process, majority of the people knelt and held his shoes while he blessed them.

So, Ms. Ocloo decided to record it because she found that fascinating and was spotted by one of the men, whose name she could get as Amofa, apparently part of the security detail of the church leader.

He walked her out of the auditorium and when they got outside, asked her to delete the video but just when she was about to do so, their interactions attracted other members of the church and about 15 men reportedly surrounded her.

Speaking to Starr FM on August 6, 2019, the Corporate communications manager of Graphic Emmanuel Arthur said:

“We will support our reporter by standing by her. We will engage Dela and make her understand the fight is ours as well because the organization sent her out on the assignment. She was later taken to the police station and was denied access to her phone for several hours. Later when her phone was given to her she reached the news editor. We will do everything to seek justice for her because we see it as a responsibility of the organisation.” 

Meanwhile, the GJA has condemned the attack on the Graphic Communications group reporter.