Chereponi Clashes: I am still devastated after violence- resident

By Wendy Amarteifio
Chereponi clashes:I am still devastated after violence-resident

A resident in the Chereponi District says he is still devastated after the renewed conflict between the Konkombas and Chokosis which has left two dead and several houses burnt to ashes.

The two ethnic groups have engaged in conflict since June 2018 over a 3-acre piece of land at Nanduni. The conflict has resulted in communities being torched.

In the renewed clash which occurred on March 15, 2019, Danado, Baguli, Mapado, Kinaba, Janyangu and Butom villages have all been burnt down.

In an interview with a resident of Chereponi, he narrated his ordeal to PrimeNewsGhana and said he is still devastated after the clash.

''I heard gunshots and the way people were moving up and down with weapons really frightened me. So I have to run for my safety because I didn't know what will happen to me. I had to use unapproved roads from the bush carrying two people with their children and their luggage on my motorbike just to escape from the trouble area Chereponi, through the bush to Saboba to Yendi before I could get to Tamale because the roads were blocked''.

''Riding a motorbike with 4 other people through the bush was something risky,I was terrified and still devastated,he added''.

The resident also stated that schools and some health facilities in the Chereponi district have been shut down following the violent clashes. He also added that currently, residents are running away from Chereponi to seek refuge in Garinkuka a village on the Chereponi-Yendi road.