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International Women's Day: Let's all get involved in the fight for gender equality - STRANEK

By Mutala Yakubu
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Policy think tank, Strategic Thinkers Network-Africa (STRANEK-Africa) has sent warm wishes to Ghanaian women as the world today marks International Women's Day.

STRANEK in a release said Ghana has come a long way in terms of gender equality but more needs to be done.

They, however, bemoaned the state at which our parliament has fewer number of women and backed calls to increase the 275 seats to 300. They also supported the idea of reserving 25 seats solely for women.

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They also urged all Ghanaians to get involved in the fight to ensure gender equality in an equal world.

Originally celebrated as International Working Women’s Day, it metamorphosed to commemorate women throughout history and across nations and to create a platform to unravel and discuss the challenges that women are faced with each day of their lives especially in a patriarchal society where men dominate economic, political, religious and social affairs.


STRANEK-Africa particularly from the Gender and Social Policy desk joins to wish all women a Happy International Women’s Day.

It is a day to remind us that International Women’s Day is globally celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women whereas marking a call to action for the promotion of gender equality. Women in Africa are pivotal in the forward march of their country.

Ghana for instance has come a long way in terms of gender equality with the support of article 17 and Chapter 6 of the 1992 Constitution.

A growing population such as we have currently in Ghana, women representation is a right and women form approximately 51% of Ghanaian population. According to the index released by inter-parliamentary union, Ghana places 143 in terms of women representation in parliament which is on the low side. Thus, there is a clarion call for parliamentary seats to be increased from 275 to be 300 reserving 25 seats solely for women. We could not agree more with such a call.
However, appropriate legal and policy frame work will have to be considered.

It is said that an equal world is an enabled world hence we support the each for equal agenda to help women forge a gender equal world.

We are all part of a whole and our individual actions, conversations, behaviour and mindset can bring out the potentials to benefit the society. The race is on for the agenda towards gender equality in the boardroom, government, media coverage, among employees, in wealth, in sports, in health among many others whiles smashing stereotypes along the way. It is instructive to note that Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone are some of the African Countries on track so far as gender equality is concerned.

On this day, let us ponder on the quote of the world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist, Gloria Steinam, “the story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any organization but to the collective effort for all who care about human rights.”

Let us all get involved in ensuring equality in an equal world, reminisce on progress made with regards to women and gender equality in Africa as well as callin for change if it deems fit in African Countries who seem to be lacking behind thereof.

Adjoa Tima Boafo
Director for Gender and Social Policy