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Martin Amidu responds to comments by the presidency after accepting his resignation

By Mutala Yakubu
Martin Amidu
Martin Amidu
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Former Special Prosecutor Martin Alamisi Amidu has responded to comments by the presidency after accepting his resignation.

Martin Amidu on Monday, November 16, 2020, resigned from his position as the Special Prosecutor.

In a resignation letter to the President, Martin Amidu said: "The one condition upon which I accepted to be nominated as the Special Prosecutor when you invited me to your Office on 10th January 2018 was your firm promise to me that you will respect and ensure same by your Government for my independence and freedom of action as the Special Prosecutor."

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The Presidency released a letter to counter allegations Mr Amidu made in his resignation letter.

Portions of the President's respond said: “At no point did the President ask you to shelve the report, so he could “handle the matter”. It is difficult to see in what way and in what context the President would seek to “handle the matter” when the matter was already public knowledge and had led to the Ministry of Finance suspending action on the Agyapa transaction in anticipation of your report”, the President said.

Mr Amidu has now responded to the Presidency in a detailed response.

Check the response below



486056004 Amidu s Constitutional Defence to Presidential Letter by Mutala Stifler on Scribd