NABCO trainees planned demo over allowances needless - Secretariat

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

The Nation Builders Corps, NABCO secretariat has described as needless the decision of some trainees to demonstrate over their unpaid allowances on Monday.

The Secretariat said plans are underway to pay their allowances owed them, therefore, there was no need for them to demonstrate.

Speaking to Citi FM, PRO for NABCO, Iddrisu Tahuru said some of the trainees have issues with the e-zwich cards which they were directed to rectify to be able to receive their allowances.

"The problem is that these their e-zwich cards become inactive so NABCO started paying them but we couldn't so we send them message to go and get new ones, some of them did and they were asked to go back to the portal and then update, i don't understand some of the trainees you have an issue wait, the demonstration is unnecessary, what are you demonstrating for is that you don't know what is happening? They know every step we take we send them a message to keep them updated on the process."


Some trainees with the Nation Builders Corps, NABCO, have threatened to hit the streets in a peaceful march on Monday if the government does not pay arrears owed them.

Some of the over hundred trainees, who either had issues with their E-zwich numbers or bank accounts, say they were promised that they were going to be paid by June 5th.

Convener for the group of NABCo recruits, Alexander Ofosu told Citi News they believe a peaceful protest will draw government’s attention to their plight.

“We have not still been paid. We want to emphasis our anger by going on a peaceful demonstration to remind the NABCo secretariat that we are still starving and hungry. We are going to have a peaceful walk so they hear our cry,” he said.