Video: Security Official kicks arrested suspect in the head

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Security official assaults a suspect

A security official has been captured in a viral video kicking the head of an arrested suspect.

The suspect who is on his knees in what appears as him begging for the offence leveled against him has been kicked by the security official as individuals stand and look at them.

It unclear what may have caused the incidence, but after the kick, some persons stood up and stopped the security official from continuing with the assault on the suspect.

In just the month of March, the country has recorded two cases of assault between the police and civilians, some Ghanaian Times journalists were assaulted by about ten policemen in Accra.

The Police administration interdicted three of the officers involved in the case and directed for investigations into the incidence.

Just after days of the assault on the journalists, a driver and a mate were also captured beating a police officer in uniform at Weija, they were subsequently arrested and arraigned before court.

Video below:


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