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Ghanaians must reject ‘redenominated’ Mahama- NPP

By Mutala Yakubu
Ghanaians must reject ‘redenominated’ Mahama- NPP
Ghanaians must reject ‘redenominated’ Mahama- NPP

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has told Ghanaians not to make a mistake by voting for former President John Mahama again in the 2020 general elections.

The NPP in a press conference in Accra on April 7, 2019, branded John Mahama a 'redenominated candidate' who has not changed his ways.

John Boadu who is the General Secretary of the NPP in the press briefing said: “Say no to a redenominated candidate (Mahama) for he never changes. Mahama - the value is the same. More importantly, the NDC alternative under Mahama is still scary,” he stated.

According to him,  the record of Ghana’s Fourth Republic in the areas of growth and economy is obvious that the NPP builds and develops while the NDC has a penchant to destroy and erode the gains made. The NPP said the previous Mahama administration virtually grounded the economy by taking oil-rich Ghana from a growth path of 14% to 3.4%.

“NDC took us to HIPC but did not have the courage to admit it even though it was under an IMF programme in 2000. It took President Kufuor to have the bulk of Ghana’s debt written off and get Ghana out of the IMF programme. Not only that, NPP, through the focused operations of GNPC, made Ghana an oil rich nation but left office before a single barrel of Jubilee oil could be produced.

“Also, the NPP under President Kufuor left office with Ghana’s first credit rating taking us to B. Before that we were not even rated. Credit rating is necessary for both government and business to transact business and borrow internationally.

“After eight years of NDC economic management, our rating went down from B to B-. Yes, B minus under John Mahama! After only 20 months of NPP under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, we have already been upgraded from B- to B. Our upgraded credit ratings earned us an oversubscribed Eurobond issue in multiples of seven at the lowest coupon rate and longer maturity Ghana has ever had,” he explained.

Mr. Boadu said instead of former President Mahama apologizing to Ghanaians on how he wasted public funds, he is rather busy using those same dubious infrastructure projects at “outrageous inflated prices” as his 2020 campaign.

“This is the height of reckless arrogance,” Mr. Boadu said.

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