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Athletes not mentally ready to resume competitions - Brain Specialist

By Vincent Ashitey
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Brain Specialist in Philosophy of Mind, Psychology and Sports Science, Dr William Kwabena Owusu is seeing an impending catastrophe for the future of Africa and Ghana Sports should sportsmen and women resume competitions without mentality prepared.

He said, even though government had given the clearance to resume sports, as a specialist, he believed sports personalities in the country were not mentally ready.

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He stressed that, the sporting world was slowly taking shape in Europe and North America, with their mental training programs for their athletes to get back to training, and yet sporting bodies across Africa and Ghana were still unprepared to deal with the mental state of athletes.

"COVID has really brought light into our sports. If Ghana is not very carefully Africa, what is going to happen to us during competitions we will not like it because we would end up losing all our games," Dr William Kwabena Owusu told Joy FM.

So it is very important that the science aspect of the sports is attended to, we shouldn't forget. The performance of sports or sports performance is determined by the mind and the operations of its tactical insight and ability, so it is very important we need to attend to. 

During this COVID time, there were a lot of people who had wanted to quit sports, as we speak the interest in sports is no more there.

And you will realise sports used to be a profession but it's now becoming a hobby, and when it becomes a hobby for people then I'm saying Africa will be doomed including Ghana."

President Akufo-Addo in September the lifted the ban on football and other contact sports gave the green light for football to return on the 13th of November.