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I will leave no stone behind - Gameboy

By Mutala Yakubu
Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe

The battle lines have been drawn between Ghana’s Emmanuel Tagoe and Namibian Moses Paulus come Saturday 20th day of October at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

But at the press launch, the Namibian fighter was visibly nervous, when Boxing Ghana quizzed, He responded by saying

“I am not nervous neither am I afraid because on the night it is going to be just the three of us in the ring, myself, Emmanuel Tagoe and the referee. ”

It has to be said that being nervous is okay but getting affected by it could be detrimental.

Ahead of the fight, We delved deeper into the thoughts of Moses Paulus with a follow-up

“He (Emmanuel Tagoe) commands a lot of support here in Ghana but in the ring it’s a different game altogether.” Paulus Said.

For once the very calm and composed demeanour exhibited by the former IBO world champion, Emmanuel ‘the Game Boy’ Tagoe deserves a commendation.

“I have a lot of respect for Moses Paulus. I think he is a good boxer but that is it. I am entreating the fans to come and watch the new Emmanuel Tagoe on the day. Trust me, I will leave no stone unturned.” Tagoe stated confidently in a very composed manner.

Emmanuel Tagoe is promising fans and Ghanaians to come and watch what he has in stock for them.

Under the tutelage of a three time world Champion in Coach Adama Addy, Tagoe’s punching power is magnificent as it is ruthless.

Between the fighters, there is over 72 bouts of boxing which culminates to 511 rounds of boxing.

Raymundo Beltran de5feated the Namibian in a bout that most pundits thought Paulus was going to win but got defeated via a unanimous point decision which scored 117-111, 117-111 and 116-112 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada in the United states of America.

At Age 40 now, Paulus just lost the chance to re-claim the world title against Raymuno Beltran, because currently age is his biggest enemy going into the fight against a boxer who is hungry to make history and peaking at the right momentum with the right age in Emmanuel Tagoe.

But then again this is a boxer who previously held a lightweight strap from 2009 to 2010 so he most certainly can’t be underrated.

Everybody gets nervous, but the people who are able to tackle the nervousness and turn it into strength ends up with different result.

Jose Pedraza dethroned the fleeting reign of Raymundo Beltran last month for the WBO lightweight strap and is scheduled to mount the ring again in December but surely the winner of this fight (Emmanuel Tagoe vs Moses Paulus) will have the opportunity to be rated and possibly secure a shot at the world title

Indeed the stakes are high but gives it a Tagoe win without a shred of doubt.

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