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Roger Federer set to become first ever billionaire tennis player in 2020

By Vincent Ashitey
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Roger Federer is reportedly 'set to become tennis' first billionaire' in 2020 and only the fourth sportsperson ever to accumulate that level of wealth.

Federer's growing fortune means he will join Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather as the richest athletes of all time.

The tennis legend has built his fortune from a combination of prize money and endorsements with a range of global brands.

According to, Federer has already earned £689million, with a further £153m guaranteed from agreed-upon sponsorship contracts in the months and years ahead.

ATP figures state that Federer has racked up £98m in prize money from singles and doubles tournaments.

As well as racking up money in major competitions, he also takes part in a South American exhibition tournament during the off-season which brings in £7.6m each year.

But, according to, it is his commercial success away from the tennis court that has helped him to amass his fortune.

The 38-year-old has sponsorship deals with brands such as Rolex, Uniqlo, Credit Suisse and Mercedes Benz.

Forbes has also reported that Federer's annual income has reached a record high of £80m, despite him no longer being at the peak of his powers.

That figure represents a sizeable increase on the £59m he was estimated to have earned in 2018.

Federer's three-year sponsorship with Uniqlo, which he penned in 2018, is reportedly worth £23m a year and is the main contributor to his increase in income.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner previously had a multi-million pound deal with Nike, while he has also invested money in the running shoe firm ON.