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Football industry most affected by COVID-19 - Kurt Okraku

By Vincent Ashitey
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Ghana Football Association President Kurt Okraku has stated the football industry is the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All football activities in the country has been suspended since March as the country put up measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19.

Ghana’s COVID-19 case count is now 5,127 with 427 recoveries and 22 deaths.

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The GFA President speaking on the effects of COVID-19 on Ghana's Sports industry, today, May 13 he said their industry has really suffered in the last few years.

"If there is one industry that has really suffered in this country is over the last 3 years is the football industry. The football industry went through a very difficult which we termed it COVID-18 (Anas Number 12 exposé which led to no football activities in the country close to two years.)"

"The Anas Number 12 exposé led to the unemployment of our players. A period club were owners really suffered because their business cycle came to a halt completely."

"And If you look at the football industry directly we have given employment opportunities to minimum 5000 people across the country, as for Indirect employment only God knows the numbers."

"So it wasn't easy for stakeholders for two years without football."

He added that as the football industry was about to recover from the Anas exposé then the coronavirus pandemic set in.

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"As for the Covid-19, it is a global issue. Club owners are spending on players without seeing their way clear, players are cannot exhibit their talents due to the virus pandemic which is hampering their developments."

"To talk about the impact of diseases COVID-18 and COVID-19 on the football industry is unquantifiable."