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The rise of the Ghanaian sports betting industry

By primeghana
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The sports betting industry in Ghana has been on an upward trend for the past few years. The industry has grown and is generating huge revenues. There are different ways people can bet in the country but sports betting online is the main form of betting.

The Ghanaian sports wagering fans can enjoy all forms of gambling because the government permits them. Data from sportsbooks shows that the sportspeople love to wager on are basketball, football, tennis, boxing and athletics. Ghana is known for its love for football, making it the most preferred sport by sports betting fans. Reports suggest that football betting is more popular than the traditional national lottery.

The country’s love for sports has played a significant role in the rise of the sports betting online industry in the country. All the sportsbooks operating in the country have attracted many sports gambling enthusiasts looking for the best odds. 

Availability of different types of gambling
The Ghanaian government has allowed gamblers to take part in the following types of gambling:

  • Online gambling: Ghanaian sports betting fans can place their bets online. The government allows them to wager on sportsbooks and online casino games. Besides, Betway remains a popular online sports betting platform in the country because of its superior services and products. 
  • Sports betting shops: Ghanaian sports betting enthusiasts can also bet on sports from sports betting shops. Local and international bookmakers run the betting shops. The gamblers can place bets on local and foreign leagues. 

The availability of these options has also contributed to the growth of the industry. 

Gambling Laws in Ghana
There are two gambling regulation authorities in Ghana. The Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC) which regulates sports and casino gambling. On the other hand, National Lottery Authority regulates the national lottery in the country. The Ghanaian Parliament passed the Gaming Act 721 in 2006. The Gaming Act established the GGC to keep an eye on betting sites and ensure that they operate within the set rules. The commission has also welcomed global gambling brands like Betway to the Ghanaian market. These gambling-friendly laws have contributed to the rise of the industry.

The internet connection in Ghana is better compared to other West African countries. Moreover, more people in the country have access to mobile phones. The availability of the internet and smartphones has made it easy for the online sports gambling market to thrive. More global sports gambling operators have sought licenses to expand their operations to the country. 

Moreover, the advent of mobile gaming also boosted the growth of the industry. Gambling operators have created mobile-friendly sports betting platforms that have become very popular among gamblers. 

Payment Options
The availability of convenient and secure payment options on online sportsbooks has also contributed to the industry’s growth. Initially, many gamblers stayed away from sports betting because they were not sure about the safety of their funds. 

However, the availability of payment options such as Credit Cards and e-Wallets like PayPal and Skrill has given sports gamblers confidence. This has led to more gamblers joining the sports betting action on different platforms. 

Final Thoughts
The sports betting market in Ghana is set to continue the upward trend. As the infrastructure continues to improve, more people will be able to access online sports gambling platforms.