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Chereponi Clashes: Displaced residents to return to chereponi in 2020

By Wendy Amarteifio
Chereponi clashes:Displaced residents to return to chereponi in 2020

 The displaced residents of Chereponi intend returning to their community from Garinkuka, a village around Chereponi in 2020 even after calm has been restored in the area.

Troubled Chereponi residents mainly women and children who fled from their communities during the conflict fear to return to their homes.

Hundreds of people were displaced in the renewed conflicts that resulted in deaths, and several others injured in the Chereponi township.

Due to the conflict, about 1,028 displaced residents came to seek refuge in Garinkuka, a village on the Yendi road.

Speaking to PrimeNewsGhana, the Assistant Disaster Officer of the National Disaster Management Organisation, NADMO in Garinkuka, Kojo Samson Nyokija stated that the displaced residents intend leaving Garinkuka to Chereponi next year, 2020

''Some of them have left back to Chereponi especially the men. Women and children are still living in Garinkuka. Others are still here and want to leave by next year (2020) because they are scared that there could be another attack and so they prefer staying here. Also, during the conflict some houses were detached which needs to be renovated, after renovating the houses they will leave to their community''.

He added that the relief items received at the National Disaster Management Organisation, NADMO district headquarters to be distributed to the displaced Chereponi residents in Garinkuka have not been distributed yet

''The items brought were not enough for distribution . We are waiting for enough items to be added to enable us to distribute fairly to the displaced residents. Since some have left to their community they will still receive the items when due for distribution.To receive them, they have to come to Garinkuka for them since our distribution centre is here''.

He also stated that some of the displaced Chereponi residents go to Chereponi in the morning to work on their farms and return at night to Garinkuka to sleep.

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Chereponi Clashes: About 1,028 immigrants in Garinkuka - NADMO official


Garinkuka has been populated with Chereponi residents since March 16, 2019, following the violent clash between the Chokosis and Konkombas. Residents who migrated from troubled Chereponi to Garinkuka are women and children.

Also, some of the displaced residents did not only settle in Garinkuka, but others also migrated to Gbintiri, a village around Chereponi particularly women, nursing mothers and children numbering about 130 to seek refuge.

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